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Voting - Week 33

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Things are so close between the remaining 9 contestants that any little factor could tip the balance in someone's favor. Every single decision they make during the competition is crucial.

Having that one person, that right person at the right time, step up and champion your cause, to believe in you, that's the sort of thing that can break you through to that "next level" in life, and in Idol. It can make a huge difference.

It's *about* to make a huge difference.

Because this week was about intersections. Everyone had the chance to pick a partner from those who had played alongside them this season. They had the chance to pick their champion to fight alongside them for one more week.

Our topics this week were Going All in and Fool Me Once (provided by gratefuladdict. Each contestant had the chance to pick which topic they were going to do, and which would be taken on by their champion.

Funny thing about champions though. . . they often take the field *for* you.

That's what is happening.

The champion's entries are in the poll - and the contestants, will have their fates determined by the choices that they made this week. That "x-factor" of who did they believe in, and who believed in them?

Do YOU believe in them? In their champions?

The two contestant's with the lowest votes from their champions will be leaving us. Bringing us down to 7. Our "Lucky 7".

Who will that be? That's up to you.

The poll will close Monday July 12th at 9pm EDT.

Good luck to everyone!

Poll #1590343 LJ Idol, Season Six, Merged Tribe, Week Thirty-Three
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

beautyofgrey's Spirit Bye Week – Votes For This Contestant Will Not Count
fourzoas's Champion's entry
intrepia's Champion's entry
java_fiend's Champion's entry
mstrobel's Champion's entry
notbatman's Champion's entry
rattsu's Champion's entry
talonkarrde88's Champion's entry
theafaye's Champion's entry

Want to read the entry of the contestant that has their fate in the game hanging in the balance this week? Of course you do!! I would hope that was a huge factor in your decision making on who to help advance to the next round!

Here they are!!

beautyofgrey's entry - Spirit Bye Week
fourzoas's entry -
intrepia's entry -
java_fiend's entry -
mstrobel's entry -
notbatman -
rattsu's entry -
talon's entry -
theafaye's entry -

Edit to add: I forgot that I was asked to include this:
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