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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 10)

Yet another in the seemingly never-ending struggle to catch up.
As of now I have 24 more to go with an additional 3 that I am checking on periodically to see if they made their entries public again. If not, I will end up saying a few words about them before the end, but obviously it's better if I can point people toward material they might have missed.

flashpapertiger (Week 18) - I first really *noticed* her in Week 3. - week one it's difficult to really stand out, week 2 she took a bye, so it wasn't until we were there in that third week, seeing her talk about the first time she saw her birth mother's smile, that I had a real idea that this was going to be someone special that I would enjoy watching over the course of the season.

I think she managed to show up on a lot of people's radars after that entry. It's definitely one of those "early season bonding moments" that people talk about, when folks are starting to come out of their shells and find things in common. Finding that moment is when the season really starts to become "real" for a lot of people, and seeing people open up and share with each other, inspires others to do the same. is the kind of thing that kept reminding people about why they *should* be paying attention. It's one of those real life events that gives you the chills when someone tells you about it, even though you know they made it out OK. (at least OK enough that they can tell you about it years later!!) is one that I kept expecting to be more divided of a response than it ended up being. Some topics just end up that way. This one could have been. I think ultimately she was able to make it something people could relate to, and bring that sense of loss, bit by bit. People were brought into her situation, and became a part of it.

That's actually one thing that I really like about her work and I think ends up missing all too often. It's not just a snapshot. There is actual growth between the first paragraph and the last. It's cliche and 101, but it's also very true that there are a lot of folks who either forget that or believe it doesn't apply to them. Or, more to the point, figure if they throw enough into the air that no one will notice.

She brings it together though and makes it something people end up relating to - from corsets to what I recall someone telling me was one of the best descriptions of the feeling that they got doing yoga that they had read in a long time is *almost* everything. But more than enough to get you started. So get to it!

baxaphobia (Week 26) - Sarah was the first blind person.
I'm pretty sure it was her idea.
She thought it would be a good way to get votes, and give her a handy subject to write about, so she decided to try it. It apparently worked so well for her that other people decided to try it too!

What? I've got the wrong. . . oh come on!! Everyone knows they are the same person!! Geez. OK. I'll pretend like this is someone new. Although we all know the truth.

Who does she say she is? Interesting and see, she's some sort of advocate for something or another. Not quite sure what though.

Hmmm sounds familiar. oh - she even got someone to pose for a picture as her to throw us off the scent very clever.

Seriously though, Bax is someone who came in a couple seasons ago strong, who just keeps getting stronger and more interesting as she tells more and more of her story. Did I say interesting, I meant it (Which is technically from last season, but that just means there's a lot of folks who haven't heard that story yet, and you need to!)

You always hear about her dramatic side, painting these crisp pictures with her words , ,

You might also know her as being "outspoken" - not an entry, but a meta piece that although it was "a long time ago" still is very much worth reading and remembering. It's very much who she is. For anyone who had a doubt.

One thing that I don't think that I hear enough of when people discuss her work is her incredible sense of whimsy , , htmland both come to mind. Although they are serious subjects, she still manages to get a laugh in there. Sometimes I'm not all that certain she could stop herself if she tried!! OK, scratch that "sometimes".

Of course, there are times when she isn't even remotely trying to restrain it and , - I'm just putting that one out there to say that as a fellow bus rider I know exactly what she is talking about. It's a nice feeling being able to take those sorts of positives into your day. At least that's what I tell myself! :) is where you can find bits and pieces of a couple seasons worth of fun. You know, the stuff that isn't over at her imafarmgirl account!

rivermirage (Week 29) This one's easy! I can just link to the whole journal, since there isn't anything there that isn't Idol related! That's certainly an advantage of "writing accounts"! Just read all of it. It's good stuff.

When alycewilson told me that she was probably not going to be playing this season, saying that I was "bummed" is an understatement. I still was hoping though that she would be one of those people who changes their mind and makes a last minute plunge.

Eventually she did come to me with another idea - telling me about the character that she wanted to explore. Obviously, it wasn't the first time this happened. It wasn't even the first time that someone who had done really well the previous season came back to write fiction.

So I chalked it up to "at least we get to have her". The previous attempts have lasted until either there was a stumble, they just got bored with it or real life reared it's head and hooves, knocking the stuffing out of them.

When she announced her pregnancy, I figured there was the real life factor. Going the distance under normal circumstances? Sure. But on top of everything else - pregnant too? This was going to be a feat.

To make it more interesting, I asked her the "what are you going to tell people about why you aren't playing/writing in the home game" when she explained that she planned on commenting as herself. That's when she told me that she was going to be doing the Home Game as well!!

Twice as many entries as everyone else. I know that I said that before. But it needs to be said.

She mentioned what I said to her elsewhere - but I'll say that again as well, I think toward the end there didn't seem to be as much of a line between the world of rivermirage and alycewilson. There were "tells" earlier than that, right from the start actually given the emphasis on the last line of each entry and the rhythm she tends to have going into it.

I'm not explaining it well but take a look at her stuff as herself (which you should do any way - lots of great stuff there) and then go back and look at the material from this season. Maybe you'll see it or maybe I'm just hallucinating. Or both. One does not exclude the other!!

I do like how she kept the "alyce format of picture - entry - moral" for her Home Game entries and (mostly) stepped outside the box on the Official ones! That was a nice touch.

Speaking of "nice touches", I had completely forgotten about what she did toward the end ofSeason 5 until I was just looking through her LJ a minute ago! Her own personal week by week listing of some of her favorites of the season. It's an awesome touch. if you want to go back and explore - or just want to know what class looks like.

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