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Topic(s) - Week 33 - Intersection

It also means that it's time for - FIGHT THE BEAR!!!!

Wait. Sorry, that it Japanese Game Show Idol.

One of my favorite parts of Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen and the Apprentice (back before it went into the IMO unwatchable Celebrity version) is the bringing people back to assist you.

So that's what we are doing now. It's an INTERSECTION. But this time - you will be picking one contestant from this season who has crossed over to the Home Game!!!

There are two topics. You only have to do one. Your chosen partner does the other one. (and of course if your partner misses the deadline - your team does. So choose wisely!)

The topics are:

Fool Me Once
Going All In

The current contestant will be responsible for linking both entries back here by Friday July 9th at 9pm EDT

Have fun!!!
Tags: intersection, season 6, topic, week 33
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