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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 7)

Only 2 of them in this particular update. But I figured, since I had them done - I would release them.

imafarmgirl (Week 23) - Sarah was the first blind person.
I'm pretty sure it was her idea.
She thought it would be a good way to get votes, and give her a handy subject to write about, so she decided to try it. It apparently worked so well for her that other people decided to try it too!

Well, all right, that might not *entirely* accurate.

But I would be remiss in my duty to Idol history if I did not to continue to note her place as the person who really opened the doors of LJ Idol to a whole new universe and through her hard work and dedication has opened up eyes across the world to a world of beauty they have never experienced. A world that exists within her words.

Which is an awfully big statement, so I'll follow it with another - she could have won Idol several times over if not for poetry tripping people up. Her first season, the one I had her pegged to win, she ended up having to bow out for guide dog training. After that though - it seems like poetry has been the bane of her Idol existence. (Like real life issues are to amenquohi or secretly being the same person is to baxaphobia.)

It's not like it's grap either. Look at it: - just for kicks I'll even pull out one from Season 5 that a lot of you haven't seen:

Admit it. You liked it.

It's good stuff. Just for some reason she just doesn't seem to be able to catch a break when it comes to poetry.

I would seriously suggest to anyone looking to enjoy themselves for an afternoon just to go to

Given that she's been in a few seasons and I've had the chance to talk to and about her before, I've got to admit, sometimes it can be difficult to not just repeat yourself. I was bouncing through things in my head when I came back across "I'm a Woman With Two Faces" and realized that that she had just handed me the key. Because she really is two very different things on the surface. Her prose has this "no nonsense" straight forward, almost stark quality to it.

Like a true storyteller she has managed to strip away the frills and is just really good at getting you to sit your butt down, be quiet, and listen.
But once she gets talking there is just such a rich tapestry of language invoked in her imagery that catches you off guard and holds you there for awhile.

The framework itself might appear simple - but what is under that surface is anything but.

It's the "farm girl" who is more knowledgeable on the subject of duck penises then maybe someone *should be* of meets the spiritual of or combined with your exploration and examination of her own day to day existence and groping her way through life .

All of this adds up to one thing that can not be denied - Don't get on her bad side: !!!

alephz (Week 29) - You ended up being overshadowed in the goodbye department due to who you ended up going out with - which is a shame considering that you not only ended up having one of the best goodbyes that I've read in a long time (I loved the Epilogues section and how you wove together endings for the tales that you have been telling this season, bringing everything to a close in one entry. Heck - maybe you saved me time, now I can just link to your goodbye and have them go from there. :P )

Seriously, though - you are also the person with one of my personal favorite *comments* of the entire season. Which considering the number of them, I think that's saying a lot to one should stand out. It was during the whole, heck, I don't even know what to call it any more since every name seems to set *someone* off. You know what it was. You know when it was. There was a whole thing, and I think you were absolutely on the money saying things that impartial folks who are kept to the wings of "stuff between contestants really can't. Now that it's "stuff between EX contestants" - big thumbs up there. Quite a few people earned them those couple of days. But yours was the one that ended up sticking in my head. When *comment writing* can do that, that speaks a great deal toward overall ability.

(Note: Unless of course I missed the part where you said something about me - in which case, that was a horrible quote, and should be ashamed of yourself! :P )

If scuttlebutt is to be believed, that actually helped put you on some folks radar's who had previously not checked your work out before. So - heart felt and well articulated argument expressed to stand up for something you believe in - but in game terms, it turned out to be a pretty good strategy as well! A lot of people tend to miss that aspect, and others use it to gain negative attention toward themselves - but before the numbers start drifting downward, standing out as "the person who" definitely has it's advantages.

You said, in a meta post early on (again, I actually DID remember it, but I encountered it again when looking through your entries "one of the things that happens with LJIdol is that there's people involved." and I think there couldn't be a better and more clear explanation for people exploding in various directions, and then never agreeing on which way to explode. :)

Since you made life easier with a ljidol tag, I will in turn make everyone else's life easier by using it:
in order to help them find goodies that they might have forgotten along the way. Or just plain want to read again.

The "extras" included in this - entries that you decided *not* to post, are extremely cool to see for folks who weren't on your friends list or who only read from the polls themselves. It shows your process, and how you work through the ideas that pop up, writing them out and seeing how well they flow, before working on "the one".

The entry that you wrote the week you were eliminated, was a little too close to a personal "the road not taken" of my own life to be entirely comfortable. ;) (Even if I do have a soft spot in my heart for Shilo over Scott Free.)
It's the final regular entry - but I think it makes for a wonderful introduction to your work and to your life.

To borrow a phrase, it's difficult to be funny *on purpose*. You pull that off - showing an incredible ability to not only laugh at yourself, but make it something that other people can laugh with you about.

You also managed to convey his out of control love of Science - which does seem to be a reoccurring theme with contestants this season. I've got to say that it's one that I give another big thumbs up to. Always nice to see. Huzzah for Science!

The longing of on the other hand though. I remember the first time that I read it and feeling that lost time and need for a connection. It's something that you either *get* deep down, or you don't. I think more of us do though, wishing for a kind of interaction that has passed us by and hoping for the best out of whatever we end up being able to get.

The line "there's still a gulf bigger than that stupid gravel driveway and my knees are too weak to push me to my feet" was one that specifically stood out to me in that piece. I had to go back to make sure that I had it right, but I knew it as soon as I saw it. I was there. Which is as big of a compliment as you can give - You brought all of us into that moment.

"Engaging" is one of those cliches that comes to mind - because it doesn't seem to matter what subject you tackle. You manage to bring people along for the ride.

I had actually forgotten about was interesting to read on several levels - most especially as a fan of Alan Moore and seeing someone use such a striking scene from the Watchman applied to their own life. I did like, in the comments, that joeymichaels called Moore out for borrowing from Vonnegut. I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who thought that.

Yeah, there's also fiction. Some of it worked better than others for me. But that's me. I know that for a lot of people that was where you got on the map. (and yes, this is an invitation for people to discuss what their favorite fictional pieces were!)

Not for me.

I actually first noticed you for your meta- a piece that I think most people missed, but I think is as valid right now as it was when it was written back in Week 2

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