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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 6)

It's time again to try to take another sliver out of that increasing goodbye backlog.


Featuring 4 more of our friends from not-so-long ago.

hightekvagabond (Week 19) - Some loved him. Some hated him.

He delighted and annoyed - made some people laugh and some want to yell at him - he was, without a doubt the most polarizing figure of the year.

But there's one thing that I can say about the guy himself before moving a little deeper into things (Although hopefully not like this: ) :

I get people coming in through these doors all the time. Some of them like to push buttons and see how far they can take things. It's not anything new. It's just how some folks are. They like to explore limits and/or some of them aren't much on authority, even within the context of an online competition.

Some take this further than others. Some take it *much* further than others. :)

What I think should be noted, is that he is the one of the *handful* of these folks who actually does it as *himself*. He doesn't try to subvert things in a "what - who me???? What did I do?" fashion. He stirs things up when he feels like stirring them up and goes "yep, that's me". I can name the people who actually do that on one hand.

People don't have to like the actions - but I for one can respect that he is willing to take the responsibility for them, even if he didn't intend for it to have a reaction. There are far too many who try to shift things off to other people/ "just reacting to comments" in those situations that having someone not do that when they are talking to me one on one is kind of refreshing. Not to say that it wasn't aggravating, but with a dash of refreshing. ;)

As a "personality", he's going to be controversial. Heck, I'm quite sure there are people who will read that assessment, look back at their own experiences and go "No. That's not right at all". Some of them will be more in the pro column. Some will be more in the anti column.

One thing that I think everyone can agree on - this entry, was damn good.

Honestly it's good enough that it makes me reluctant to post any other entries in this post at all.

How are they going to measure up? It is top to bottom, in my "humble" opinion - one of the entries that I think is going to end up sticking in your mind when you think of Season 6. Which, considering the amazing amount of talent we have this season, that is saying quite a bit.

But I will - like this one which to me helps cement that my personal favorite entries were always the stories about his life.

For those who like what I believe was called "creepy fiction" - there is plenty of that and immediately popped out at me. Although perhaps that is a poor choice of words under the circumstances!

I do think though that the type of experiences that make up the real life entries are why his fiction is ultimately successful. I think this is true in a lot of people, that they are able to dig into their lives and pull out the emotional (or sometimes twisted) center of it all to create something bigger than themselves.

He was an early favorite of mine from last season, who IMO went out *way* too soon, and I was quite pleased when I saw his name on the sign up sheet to make another run.

Then again, his sense of humor and sensibilities don't always mesh with everyone else's, which I think ended up plaguing him during both runs and for me, explains the short run during his first season.

He was certainly the king of the groaners/puns - maybe a little too good at times! ;) But you know what? He owns that too.

You really can't ask for more than that. Well. All right. You can. But you're not always going to get it. Even if you say please. :P

oberonia (Week 14 - sacrifice) - You gave up your spot for a friend.

Even if I didn't write another single word I think that would sum you up quite nicely.

Well that and a lot of people were saying this "was YOUR season". Are there is really such a thing as "Idol odds makers"? If there is, they were certainly talking up your name early on as "the veteran to beat".

In going over your work, I wanted to read it fresh, from the start. So I went to the introduction and what did I find in the comments section? What nugget of info for people who love foreshadowing? Or just dig on irony?
oberonia wrote:
Oct. 10th, 2009 03:55 pm (UTC)
Quitting in LJI is like crying in baseball. It's just not done ;) "

Well, OK - *I* thought it was funny!!!

I've said this before - and give me half a chance I'm sure that I will find a way to repeat myself again - I prefer your non-fiction. :p

But your fiction, located with a handy link - it's not bad

*waits for a moment*

for a girl.


*gets pummeled because he can't run fast enough* Damnit.
(I should probably point out to those who *don't* know that Alisha is one of the handful of Idolers that I have been lucky enough to be able to spend time with in person. If you think she's cool online, she's far more awesome in person.)

Seriously though, using that above link, I sat down and read everything in one sitting. Because that seemed like the way to do it.

I like the nuggets of the story as they came out, but as with so many other things, seeing it all at once, it really captures the sense of place. Bayou L'Abeille is a complicated and rich setting - and I hope to get the chance to read more of what happens there. In particular, I want to see how some of these stories tie together, how the community itself ties together. We got snapshots and I'm wanting panoramic views! I trust you are getting on that in your "down time". We did get to see Deanna and Amie again. Which was really cool. I just want to see more.

My favorites? You had to ask me that didn't you? Hmmmm. Since I know yours, I'm going to go ahead and ignore those. Because that's how I am.

I'd say and - Both of these pieces have a real, understated touch to their characterization that appeals to me. You draw out these beautiful sketches and then fill them in with fine lines of detail. Whereas I thought ended up being a little too detail heavy without enough of the base work to really hold them together.

I'm not sure that makes *any* sense whatsoever, and maybe if I knew anything about figure drawing and art I could express it better. But then if I knew what I was talking about, no one would recognize me, right? :P

I enjoyed your fiction in the past. The stuff you did this season though shows how far you have come - and how far you are going to go. I definitely think there is a future for you in this fiction thing. Even if, you know, it's not as good as your non fiction.

impoetry (Week 27) - 9 times out of 10, you gets put where in the goodbyes is completely random. I look at the names and go "Oh, I feel like saying something about them today" and away I go. Often I end up swearing at the screen, deleting the whole thing and trying to do something else for awhile to see if I can come back on it with fresh eyes. You've been one of those people on that bubble, with goodbyes half written and discarded because it's never been quite the right time.

But I just wrote the goodbye to oberonia (see above) and it just clicked in my head. YOU ARE THIS SEASON'S OBERONIA.

Wait. Did I really just say that? Isn't she this season's her? Why is it you?

I should clarify. You are this season's Season 3 or 4 Oberonia.

Strong fiction writer with a clear voice and world, who when he brings it back home an personal, will *absolutely destroy you*.
That's what she was like a few seasons ago. I predict only bigger and better things for you to come.

I liked Billy Wylde. I really do. I hope to one day own the book where you tell more of his story.
Note to whoever is listening out there, *make this happen*. Until then though, people can read it by going to

But when you open up that raw emotional core: or it all comes together for me. It's as though I'm reading a completely different level of writer. does a really good job of illustrating how you pull in your love of language blurring the lines of format beautifully and along with quite frankly shows how compelling someone can be *just being yourself* and being able to convey who that is to other people.

It's risky to change horses in mid-stream. Or in this case, change over from writing about Billy to writing about Brian. I think it paid off for you. Heck, you wrote *poetry* and "got away with it", hopefully putting one more notch in the "as long as it is good, it has a chance to 'work' in Idol" idea.

I'll admit - I thought was a bit of a "cheat". That's a Rabid Nick column!! You do those things in your sleep, or possibly while in the middle of a podcast!

But other than that - the guy that I got the chance to read, and talk to, is heads and shoulders above that Rabid Nick guy. Don't get me wrong. I LIKE Nick. But he's no Season 3 or 4 Oberonia!! ;)

Seriously though. You have a wealth of talent. I'm glad that you had the chance to use some of it over the course of the season.

hug_machine (Week 26) - What an evil horrid person.

Just a complete degenerate. . . oh, wait, this isn't MY goodbye!!!

We're talking about HUG MACHINE!!!

I'll admit, I wasn't sure what to think at first. Was this just an amusing flash in the pan that would last a few rounds? Was there anything under the hugging and being everyone's bestest buddy in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD????

Hell yeah there is.

She is the kind of writer who can capture your heart with and and delight you with complete delightful absurdities that *probably shouldn't work* - but for her, they do: , and of course the closest thing to a "viral entry" we have had this season (so far):

How does she "get away with it"?

Because the entries are nowhere near as simple as they appear on the surface. She has an amazing ear for the rhythm and flow of text that draws you in while you are still dazzled by the spectacle. Given her natural aptitude for it, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she has some sort of advertising/marketing background. (I can only assume though that she doesn't have books in print, because she isn't a multi-billionaire - and if she did, she would be. Unless of course she is and just doesn't like to talk about it!!) is a good example from earlier in the competition of that feeling. The format is visually compelling but once you get into the text itself, the piece takes on a life of it's own and takes everything to a new level. Which is a complete cliche. But this is CAT - so she would let a cliche be her umbrella and add extra sparkles. Because she is just that damn awesome.

If doesn't make you into a believer. Well then I suspect someone turned your heart into stone and there really isn't much hope for you.

She is all of that and so, so, so much more.

"We will always know love".
She goes by the name hug_machine.

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