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Green Room - Week 31 - 1

I scooped the litter boxes this morning.

One of my cats seems to like this. She enjoys having a fresh spot and sees that there is a connection between me doing this and the box being clean.

The other? From her reactions it seems like she believes that I am stealing her poop collection.

It's funny how two people (or in this case, cats) can look at exactly the same thing and come away with two very different opinions about what is actually happening.

Even in something that seems to be straight forward.


I was walking down the street carrying a shopping bag the other day when I passed a woman with 3 dogs.

One of them, the little one, stopped and started barking at me.

*shrug* Dogs bark. Especially little ones.

As we passed each other, the woman apologized, saying that dog probably thought the bag was a gun.

This made me stop and wonder - why would the dog think a canvas bag was a gun? What experience with guns did this dog have that it would have instinctively known the danger from one - and yet not be able to tell the difference between a full grocery bag and one?

Wasn't it far more likely that the dog was barking because I was a guy walking toward his person? Or because I was a stranger? Or heck, because he was a dog?

Sometimes people can form opinions on stuff based on their own experiences and stuff going on in their head rather than anything that might make a little more sense. They often will push this off on you/someone else/their dog.


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