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Results - Week 29

That seriously came down to the wire!!! Up until I hit "close poll" I was thinking there could be a *4 way tie*!!

As much fun as that would have been though, we did end up with two folks being eliminated.

Hopefully I will be catching up with my goodbyes so I can say a hell of a lot more, because both of them have been quite remarkable to have around this season.

But until then, goodbye to



Oops, I meant to say rivermirage! ;)

(and yes - that means she *did* write twice as many entries a week, by also playing the Home Game for 29 weeks, or pretty close to it.)

Since she is "otherwise engaged in a special project" at the moment - she gave me this to post "just in case":

"I competed under a pen name this year, because I wanted to try to focus just on the writing and see how far that could get me. I also wanted to develop this particular character, who will be the protagonist of a novel I'm working on with a friend (though I did all the writing for LJI by myself). Most of the entries come from either one of our lives or the lives of people we know. I would welcome anybody who liked my writing as rivermirage to friend my regular blog. And I want to thank everyone for voting for me."

She also wrote a "Making Fire" entry. Again, "in case" -

Thank you to both of you for fantastic runs and helping to make this season special.
Tags: eliminations, results, season 6, week 26
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