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Spirit of LJ Idol

What do tru2myart, spydielives, tulip_in_yellow and boxsofrain have in common?

They all ended up winning the Spirit of LJ Idol award for their season.

What IS the award?

When I introduced it back in Season 2, the premise was simple: It was the contestants taking a good hard look at themselves and each other and saying, "Well, I know they probably *won't* win - but wouldn't it be neat if. . ." and giving the award to the person that they best thought captured the essence of their season.

That premise is still the same - the award goes to the person that you, the current contestants, feel best represents you, collectively and "the Idol experience".

There IS a "special power" involved. Every season it's a little bit different, but one thing is always the same, this *will* give the individual who becomes the Spirit an edge. So hopefully the person you select will be someone that you feel will use it wisely (or at least in your best interest. :P)

Sometime between now and the topic deadline (Tuesday at 9pm EDT) the 19 current contestants need to send me an email at with the names of the contestants *in order of preference*. 1 to 19. (including yourself. 1 being the person you believe represents this season as a true Spirit of the Game.)

Obviously the sooner everyone sends them in, the sooner I will announce. :D

Congratulations to all of you for getting this far - and I hope you take this opportunity to give this special honor to one of your own as a chance to reflect on everything that has happened up until this point - and you want to see this play out.

BTW - While you are emailing me - send me TWO TOPICS you would like to see used. They may just appear between now and the end. :p
Tags: season 6, spirit of lj idol
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