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Results and the new topic

So the people who have the power of the Nullifer are two usual suspects and someone who's name is no stranger to LJ Idol fans:

Congratulations to welfy, gnomeangel and ... (and this one was pretty close) deyaniera. Contact me at to let me know how you want to use/not use this power. Keep in mind that it's first come first serve.


Now for the new topic.

I'm sure you'll all excited.*g*

I've been thinking a lot over the past couple of weeks of the good aspects of LJ, and the bad - and how much I have learned just by interacting with people over the course of the years I've been here.

Some of the discoveries I've made about myself have surprised me in good ways, some in bad. But ultimately I think I have a better idea of *who I am* thanks to my time on LJ.

And so - that's your topic:

The Hard Truths That I Have Learned, During My Time On Livejournal, About Myself and How I Interact With People

There. That ought to be fun right?!

The deadline to link your entry back here is Friday at noon EST (GMT -4)

There's going to be a surprise come voting time, so make sure to get your entries!

Good luck!
Tags: results, season 3, topic, topics, week 8, week 9
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