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Week 26 Immunity

The results are in.

Each week, the recently eliminated contestants are asked to read the entries and cast a special vote separate from the polls.

This vote is for the coveted immunity. No contestant can receive it twice.

Not only is it a nod from the people you, until recently, were battling out with in the trenches. It is them (collectively) saying that they want to see you stick around for another week.

This week, since there are two polls, there are two immunities to be handed out. I asked the jury to send me their top 3 picks from each topic.

What I did *not* mention to the jury was that they were making the person selected immune from *both polls*. Immunity works on a week to week basis. So they will be advancing regardless.

PLEASE still read their entries, and comment, if you haven't already. Obviously the jury thought enough of them to give them a special mention, so it's worth taking a look if you haven't already done so.

Once again, it was CLOSE for both polls. Both of them came down to the tie-breaker based on the rank (1-3) that I asked them to assign to each of their favorites and *both* won immunity by a slim margin.

But there was a decision reached, based on those rankings.

The winners of immunity for Week 26 are


Congratulations to both of you. You are the first members of our TOP 21!
Tags: immunity, season 6, week 26
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