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I wasn't planning on making this post for a good long time. But given that two people did not turn in an entry, I now have to officially eliminate them from the competition.

Oddly enough, they are really close friends too. So I guess at least they have the solace that neither one of them outlasted the other.

One was taken down by LJ's spell check malfunctioning to the point that that it wasn't worth reposting and the other, I'm really not certain why she didn't get hers in.

But anyway - goodbye to my ex-wife jeibear and one of her best friends leilamae (both of whom are friends of mine as well).

We also say goodbye to aeritone this week. She bowed out due to RL issues. Again, I'm sorry to see her go.

But for the rest of you, we are now offically on the other side of 50! By next week we will have eliminated, by one method or another, MORE PEOPLE THAN WERE IN SEASON TWO!!!

A reward vote will be up soon.
Tags: results, season 3
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