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Green Room - Week 25 - Weekend Edition

My cat wanted to tell you


There might have been more of that message, but I cut her off before she could finish by being the disciplinarian who forced her off on the keyboard.


So - the new topic is up:

and once again the odds makers are going to have to re-do their "final stretch" scenarios given the people who we are saying goodbye to this week:

It does bring up an interesting (to me anyway) concept though of "who has been the biggest OMG I can't believe that I haven't been reading them!" of the competition for you? Sure, some people may have been reading since Day 1, but not everyone has. That, and people can change over the course of a season (heck, I've heard veterans indicating that they were sliding by early on and saving their "A-game" until things got tight toward the end!!) - so, who is on the radar NOW that might not have been there at the start of this thing?


Oh, and how is your weekend going? I guess I should ask that too! ;)
Tags: green room, season 6, week 25, weekend edition

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