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Green Room - Week 23 - Day 4

I saw something this morning that got me thinking.

Notice I said "got me thinking" because it's still early. I'm not entirely awake yet so the thought isn't fully formed. ;)

But they had posted about various causes that were important to them. Post after post without any real connection to how it personally related to them. Their next post was a rant about how anyone who didn't boycott all media and do something in their community was just sticking their head in the sand and allowing all of these horrible things to happen.

The follow up? To post about how happy they were that they weren't as brainwashed as everyone else.

This got me thinking as I looked back over the previous posts that sometimes it's not so much as "who is brainwashed?" as much as it is "who got to you with what they were selling?"

There are lots of horrible things going on in the world and lots of work to be done on all sorts of issues concerning all sorts of groups - and fortunately there *are* people out there, with most of them, doing stuff about it. Not nearly enough people. But they are there.

Maybe I've just met some of the "good ones" though, because most times they don't just throw links at me and tell me that I have to agree with their message *and* their solution and anything less means that I don't care. They engage, they discuss, because it's something that they *do* care deeply about - deeply enough to make other people want to care about it, without driving them away in the process.

*shrug* I dunno. I'm brainwashed and part of the problem! How about you?

Speaking of washing your brain -

The topic thread:
The Home Game thread:
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