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Green Room - Week 23 - Weekend Edition

Good evening.

We have a new topic -

We have a chance to say goodbye to some people who have come to mean a great deal to all of us, even as the folks remaining celebrate their own good fortune in sticking around. . .

And we have THE WEEKEND. Whoo hoo for the weekend!!!

Are you doing anything fun?


One fun thing that *I* am going to is list the TOP 15 from last round (in sheer overall votes).

This isn't "The Best 15" or "The People Who are the Most Enjoyed". This is a snapshot of ONE ROUND OF VOTING from *half of the contestants* and a list of the 15 of them who received the most votes.

I am *only* listing the names of the contestants who *confirmed* that they want to be mentioned. If you confirmed you wanted to see the list in public but are not listed on it, that means either I didn't see your name listed/your email OR I did and you were not one of those 15. Maybe you were in danger, but maybe you had 1 or 2 fewer votes and just missed being on... (quite a few people fall into this category)

Sorry for the onslaught of disclaimers. I just want don't want anyone to get discouraged OR cocky for that matter! ;P

That said, the 15 are (in alphabetical order, not vote totals)

1. agirlnamedluna
2. beautyofgrey
3. cacophonesque
4. fourzoas
5. gratefuladdict
6. hug_machine
7. itswhatiam
8. notbatman
9. rattsu
10. talon
11. teaberryblue
12. has not confirmed
13. has not confirmed
14. has not confirmed
15. has not confirmed
Tags: green room, season 6, week 23, weekend edition
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