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Green Room, Week 21, Day 5

The good news: You still have time to get your entry in! The deadline is this evening at 8PM EDT

you can even get in your Home Game Entry:

The sad news that I alluded to yesterday: We have another member of the Home Game.

Anyone on her FL probably suspected that this was coming - but due to RL health issues oneonthefence has had to step aside.

She's been fighting for so long to keep in this, that it's a really difficult thing to see happen. But I hope that not having the extra stress will speed her recovery *and* hope that the good vibes you folks will continue to send her will help.

She is going to be missed as she recovers, but I know she is planning on poking her head in, and playing the Home Game whenever she is able.

In personal terms it's difficult to see.

In *game terms* - it changes things and shows that anything can and will happen during the course of this marathon.

She was someone who did well in *every* kind of vote - and was often mentioned as a potential finalist. So at the very least we just lost someone people thought was a sure shot to get into the Top 10. . . which means (again, as far as the game itself goes) that a spot *just opened for someone else to take*. Someone who *didn't* think they were going to get there.

Is that person going to be YOU???


Some more sad news on the health related front. diagenou is back in the hospital. His family has asked that people don't email, because no one is going to be able to respond until he is in the shape to do so, and doesn't want to face the usual back log!

When he is better, he will be back posting here.

Until then - please just send some good thoughts his way.

And then there were 44. . .
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