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Green Room - Week 18 - Day 1

As I said earlier this season, every season is going to have it's own pace and it's own vibe. Figuring out who each group is and them making things their own is an important part of the process. There is a lot of wandering around in the early stages, but eventually each group starts carving out it's own niche.

For the most part I tend to stand back and just watch. Unless there is an issue and I get other contestants voicing concerns, and then I have to take a look and see what can be done.

One thing that has stood out practically all season has been a far more flirty atmosphere than has been the case in the past. Which, again, OK. It's where everyone is comfortable so, whatever...

I've been curious about where it was going to go, because, as you know, as that sort of thing builds you can get into some "interesting" territory and different people have different lines that they are and are not willing to cross. Some see it as a "what the hell!!!" and have a good laugh and others see underlying issues associated with it that concern them.

It is part of every group dynamic, trying to find that balance. I think the discussion is an important one.

That said - the "Boobs of LJ" (which should be the name, since using the name LJ Idol, Idle or anything like that would imply endorsement, which it's not.) has received some complaints.

I'm sure it's intended to be all in good fun and from what I saw it's open to men, women and cats who are interested in participating and no one is going to be "convinced" into doing it against their own wishes.

But it still needs to be moved *off* Idol. If people want to work on this in their own space - then you do. You're adults. If it's your bag - then whatever, have fun. Doing it here, or invoking the name, has implications that I would rather avoid.

I'm putting it is the Green Room not to knock it (by saying "please take it elsewhere") - or support it (considering that I just gave it advertising for anyone who missed it tucked away in comments) but as an opening for people to think about, and perhaps discuss at their leisure, where those personal lines for them are as far as "sexually charged" conversations - when is it just good fun? When does it start creating an uncomfortable environment?

It's a small thing (a site where people post pictures of themselves) but it brings up a lot of issues that are fundamental in every day life.

That said - how is your weekend going?
(yeah, lousy transition, but come on, how are you going to transition from *that*! ;) )

OH - and Happy Birthday to thepheenixeyri. Show us your birthday cake!!!!!
(no, really, I just want some birthday cake!!! Mmmmm cake!)

Cake - and Pie... and PI... HAPPY PI DAY!!!
Tags: day 01, green room, season 6, week 18
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