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Eliminations, Sacrifices and Returns

"Let's see what happens"

Oh yes Livejournal. Those were innocent times. Happy go-lucky innocent times.

Now we have to say goodbye to the latest to leave us, and share with you the news of those stepping off the edge into the volcano so that others might be brought back into the game.

It is only proper that first we say goodbye to those of us who have been eliminated. I think anyone who has made it to this point in the competition, and overcome everything to get to this spot deserves to feel proud of themselves. It is quite the accomplishment.

Unfortunately though the nature of the beast is that every week we are going to say goodbye to some people. This week it is 7 people*. (the next knot up would have taken out 12. In other words, it was pretty close. * I was looking back over the spreadsheet and realized that I had missed a tie)

We are saying goodbye to


Thank you. I hope you continue to stick around, and as you know, the sacrifice option is still on the table until tomorrow if you can find someone willing!

(Hopefully I will be able to post proper goodbyes after the sacrifices have been settled.)

Speaking of sacrifices, we have some.

Some folks who have decided, most of them due to upcoming RL issues and one in particular due to wanting to give this person another shot and throw the card table over to see what happens - to step out of the game and give their spot to another.

It's an incredible offer from some incredible people. (There are still a couple deals pending, but they have until tomorrow)

marjory has sacrificed herself to bring back norda
drippedonpaper has sacrificed herself to bring back worldofcharlie
walkertxkitty has sacrificed herself to bring back diagenou
myscribbles has sacrificed herself to bring back poppetawoppet

and, hmmm. . . there was one more here. Where did it go?
Oh yeah. Some guy named joeymichaels is sacrificing himself to bring back gratefuladdict

edit to add: (because I missed the confirmation) oberonia sacrifices herself to bring in First Time Idoler boiconfessed!

The table is overturned and the cards go everywhere, and there is one more day left for sacrifices. (deadline is tomorrow, Sat Feb 20th at 1pm EST)
Let's see what happens next!
Tags: back in the game, eliminations, sacrifice, season 6
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