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Home Game - Week 12

What is the Home Game?

It is Idol for people who are not current contestants. Maybe you were eliminated earlier in the season. Maybe you missed the deadline and have been following along, or just found out about it yesterday! It doesn't matter - you can play the Home Game!!!

Just write your entries and LINK THEM HERE!!

The topic(s) are at:

Read them and come back and link your entry to *this* post.


Given that this is an Intersection round, if you want to pair up with someone else, you can certainly do so, but it's not "required".


Obviously there is no deadline for the Home Game, but just keep in mind that there will be a point after which people might not be reading this thread. So getting it in within this "week" is probably smart.

(note: this thread is for LINKS TO HOME GAME ENTRIES ONLY.)
Tags: home game, season 6, week 12

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