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Week 12 - Throw Back Week!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages - and of course Idol contestants. . .

It's time, once again, for THROW BACK WEEK!!!

Yes, it's back.

The topics are:

- Moments of Devastating Beauty

- “I Don’t Care About Apathy”, What I “Should” Care About, But Don’t.

- Sexual Ethics

- "Who's that Trip Trapping Over My LJ?"

- Current Events

You ONLY have to write one, but it can not be the same one you wrote about last time. (for those who don't recall what they wrote:

Oh, and your partner has to write a different one. (again, not the same topic they wrote before)

Wait - did I just say "partner". *goes back and looks* Why, yes I did.

What would a proper Throwback Week be without one of the most beloved twists of all: The INTERSECTION!!!

There are times in writing when you have to collaborate on something bigger than just the piece you are working on. This is one of those times!!

You can have them tie in together as much, or little, as you want.

But ultimately -your fate is going to be tied to your partner (combined vote totals).

I'll be posting a separate "TOPIC THREAD" next for official links. This entry is for people to post to find who they want to be paired up with!!! :)

Have fun!
Tags: intersection, season 6, twist, week 12
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