clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Week 11 - The Home Game

As promised, once we got below the half way point in our numbers - there would be a "Home Game thread".

What is the Home Game????

It's fairly straight forward - you are not a current contestant. Maybe you were eliminated. Perhaps you have just been following along. Maybe you came across this group this morning and went "Damn. I wish I could submit an entry too!"

Well, that's the Home Game. You write the entry and submit it HERE. To this thread.

There's no poll and no elimination. But there's still the deadline (you have the same amount of time everyone else does, although no one will be penalized for missing it of course, you still have to figure, it's a matter of the "Who is Still Checking Out the Thread?" factor)

So here you go. The topic thread is over here: - read the info and submit your entry link HERE for the HOME GAME ONLY. (not over there please. It just muddles things up)
Tags: home game, season 6, week 11
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