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Results and Tie Breaker

The polls are closed, and once again it is time to say goodbye.

justkimu dropped out during the poll, sacrificing herself in the Oldscratchx's Sexual Tribe. Which means that no one else is that tribe will be eliminated.

It was apparently a bad day for the divas, and we are saying farewell to

photodiva02: A multiple time Tribal Leader. Which is a rarity. But it's also meant that I've gotten a chance to interact more than I have some of the others. You can tell a lot about a person from who they select to compete against. Some go for the sure thing whereas others go for the challenge, or just plain people that they like. I think it's a safe bet, looking over her tribe selections, that she wasn't one for taking the easy way out.

For me, your entries always seemed to be right on the edge of discovering something, of taking the little things in life and figuring them out on a larger canvas. I would have really liked to see how it was going to develop.


foxdiva9 : From what I've seen over the last few weeks, you tend to pack a lot of wallop into bite sized entries. Your Week 4 entry was actually one where I took a step back and figured that it was going to put you on a lot of people's radars. Week 5 was a good follow up as well. This week was more of a sleeper. But I'll be frank, I wasn't expecting to be saying goodbye to you this time around. I figured there was more time for you to find a bigger audience, or for them to find you.

Thank you to both of you for competing this season.

I really hope that you stick around, and maybe play the Home Game, because you can never be sure what is going to happen next.


We also have a tie. Which means a run off between canadian_diva and diagenou.

The run off topic is (of course) Making Fire. You have until Wed Dec 9th at 9pm EST to link your entries back to this thread.
Tags: results, sacrifice, season 6, tie-breaker, week 6
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