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Green Room

I posted this way down in the Green Room last week, but since people keep asking me these sorts of things I figured I should post them here as well:

- What do you think of "recycled posts" aka reusing an older post?


- What do you think of "stuffing the ballot box"? (setting up multiple accounts to vote?

Honestly? My opinions don't matter much. Both are legal.
For the former, there is no way I can tell if a post is new or not. Unless you mention it.

For the latter, a lot of people have more than one journal. I don't. I know a lot of people who do. People setting up accounts JUST to vote for LJ Idol? Heh *shakes head* well, there's a part of me a little flattered by that. confused mostly because really setting up accounts just to vote seems overkill to me. *shrug*

WHY do I say that my opinion doesn't really matter? Because both are legal under the rules but ultimately people have to answer to you, the voters! How you play is going to be measured by the people you play against, and will no doubt end up coming home to roost in the final outcome.

Answers to other questions:

Do you read all the entries? Yes I do.
Why don't you comment to them? Because I try really hard not to play favorites, even though like most people, I have them and *most* of them are people that I've just met and haven't exchanged a single word with.


That said anyone else have any questions you want me to answer?

Questions for each other?

Someone that you've been reading - that you didn't know or know well before the compeitition started - who you think is just great?
Tags: green room, season 3
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