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Tribal matters, immunity and bye outs

Before I get to anything else I would like to thank our original tribal leaders for doing a fantastic job.

As you may know, they were the ones who selected who was going to be in their tribe over the past few weeks. Each had a different style, but I think they all did the job quite well.

This week, with the topic oriented tribes changes up that. But I wanted to make sure that we took a moment to acknowledge the work, and thought, they they put into it.


Obviously, since no tribe has a single "bye" in it this week, all of them are tied for "fewest byes taken". Which means we go to the next element, which is the tribe that finished the quickest.

The voting poll is here:

By sheer lack size alone it's pretty clear which one that was, since the others kept adding more entries up until the last minute.

So the tribe that is immune this week is "Who's that Trip Trapping Over My LJ?".

You will also be given a special extra benefit this week of being able to decide which of the larger tribes you want to join next week. So please email me at or via LJ to let me know.

Sometimes there is a benefit for picking the road less traveled. Congratulations.


There was a drop this week, that I forgot to mention in the voting poll.

agentkatie1013 had to leave us yesterday in order to concentrate on her education. Hopefully she will be poking her head in every once in awhile though.

Unfortunately we also must attend to the business of the "bye outs". These are the folks who used up both of their "free weeks"/byes and have missed a third deadline.

I hope everything is OK with them all and that perhaps we will see them in the future:


It's a combination of some old friends and fan favorites and some new folks that we never really had the chance to properly meet.
Tags: season 6, tribal immunity, tribe leaders
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