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Results - Week 3 Run off

Today we are saying goodbye to


This isn't a surprise. But damnit, it should be.

I got the biggest smile when I saw that he came back this season. Go back and read his stuff if you've missed it. Not just his poem for the run off but the last few entries. The "Smile" wasn't, IMO, up to his usual standard, but I still liked it quite a bit.

He doesn't fit everyone's taste and he certainly doesn't conform to anyone's rules. The word "brave" gets thrown around a lot. I know that I use it - Just showing up and putting yourself out there is an act of bravery after all.

Showing up, knowing that you are going to put your head into the lion's mouth week after week? That you are going to be the odd one out and still not compromising a single ounce of your vision?

Yeah, he's an All Star in my book.

I hope that he does decide to play the Home Game and that he gets the chance to showcase his talent in front of a larger audience. Because he certainly deserves it.

With the "reveal video" at the end, there isn't any doubt in my mind that he knew he would be going in this run off before the first vote was even cast.He did it anyway and he did it the way he wanted to go out. You can't ask for anymore than that.
Tags: eliminations, results, season 6, tie-breaker, week 3
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