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Welcome to our very own version of Throwback Week!!

It might sound a little confusing, but it’s actually fairly straight forward.It's a Choose Your Own Adventure for the Idol set, where you have a chance to pick your poison and potentially change your fate!

There are *5 topics*. You ONLY NEED TO WRITE ONE.

Pick the topic you want to write, and then post a link to that entry (per usual) here. The only difference is that I will need you to also say which one you are doing when you link it.

It’s “throwback” week because all the topics come from previous seasons!

- Moments of Devastating Beauty

- “I Don’t Care About Apathy”, What I “Should” Care About, But Don’t.

- Sexual Ethics

- "Who's that Trip Trapping Over My LJ?"

- Current Events*

(*Current Events is the only topic with an explanation and a rule. Pick something out of a reasonably current online news source, I’d love to see local news, but it’s not a requirement. Give it your own twist, feelings, insight, whatever, to the story. Also provide a link to the original source material)

Deadline to link your entries back here is Saturday November 14th at 8pm EST

Have fun.

Reminder:This thread is for links to entries and byes only.
Tags: season 6, topic, topics, week 4
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