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results and GREEN ROOM

The power of the TOPSY TURVEY GOES TO (drum roll please) heykatie who won by a pretty slim margin.

Which means she will be the one who will have the power to overturn any poll - flipping it upside down and bringing the mighty low and raising up those not so mighty in the way of active friends list numbers.

Whenever she wants to use it, all she needs to do is email me at before the vote is finalized to let me know of her intent. (such as "if person A is still in last, I want to use it.. or if person B is in first..." "I want to use it this round, no matter what")

Congratulatons. This is the greatest amount of power ever given to one contestant. Use it wisely.

Green Room stuff:

So how about those results??

Does anyone have any questions about how voting works? I think onyxblue1 explained the difference between check boxes and circles in LJ voting (something I thought everyone knew, I do it on purpose to make sure people can vote for as many people as they want to support), but you can never be too sure.

Anyone you want to pimp out?

Um... I don't know, what do YOU want to talk about??
Tags: green room, results, season 3, special powers
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