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Results - Week 2

A couple of really close calls this time around, and some names that I wasn't expecting to be saying for a good long time.

That's the crazy thing, is that you never know where things are going to bounce from one week to another.

I will be coming back to say a few words, but just to make this official -

The following contestants are leaving us this week:

estelwen - Sometimes it continues to be uphill no matter which direction you are looking.
The one thing that I've walked away from every single one of your entries thinking is that there is a core spark in them that I very much think can and should be honed and developed. The subject matter and take on the topic I found to be inspired. It wasn't "there" yet, but I'd love to see you develop this entry further and submit it somewhere. The idea is definitely there and the concept is solid.

eternalflame4 - When I read your week 1 entry I got excited. Which might sound like a weird reaction, especially to that particular entry, but I thought you were one of those writers that I was going to love see develop over the course of weeks. There just seemed to be so much to work with and I was really looking forward to experiencing it. Again, when you mentioned how therapeutic the entries were, I was hoping that it would continue, and you would continue to embrace the experience. I will say the meta beginning of this week's entry probably didn't help. With a field this big you may have lost some people. I hope they go back and read the rest of the entry though and see the potential in there.

dreamwriteremmy - I guess the fair thing to say would be a "kinda/sorta" veteran. ;) I really like where your week 2 entry was going, and that last line really tied things togethe and something people can't be reminded of nearly enough. This is a case where I think, without the byes, that we would be seeing you for awhile. Hopefully we *will* still be seeing you around.

littlebit1988 - As a non-driver myself, I can certainly relate to your entry this week. It may have been a stretch for some, but I saw where you were going with it.

I think the one thing that is going to stick with me about you is during the picking your tribe phase. A lot of people don't know what that is like to have that pressure on them, but I think you handled yourself marvelously in that task.

zxwx - You took a bye and then decided to go for it anyway. That right there negates the idea that you might not have enough life experience to be interesting. You know know how many people were stumped by the topic and *didn't* decide to roll those dice regardless of the outcome? *starts counting* There's a lot of them.

Between raw ability and the courage to take a risk I have to say that I wish you had made some of those goals you set at the beginning of the season. Because had this roll gone slightly different for you I have no doubt that you would have made it pretty darn far.

reborn_spirit - You have this thing with last lines that really caught my attention in Week 0 and 1. Just one of those "bam" final lines that close everything up and make leave you with a satisfied feeling in your stomach. Week 2 you kind of broke away from that and went for what you saw as a more literal interpretation. Obviously it was a bit risky. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. I will say though that I am tremendously jealous of your encounter with Shamu!!

I do hope that you will all stick around here and perhaps play the Home Game. (Previous seasons *have* seen people come back into the game after all!)
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