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Results - Week 1

This is the worst part of the job, closing the poll and announcing the contestants being eliminated.

It's the first time Season 6 has faced this, but it won't be the last.

I'm going to tear off the bandaid and announce them, and come back later to add a few words.

Before I do though I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for coming out to play this season, and for the voters for once again making a really tough decision. If the last two weeks are any indication of the talent this season, it's going to be difficult every single round to make that call.

But I digress:

The 5 individuals leaving this week are:

celrock: Honestly? I thought it was an interesting take on the subject. It certainly took the topic with it's own spin. Did that hurt or help? I don't know. It was pretty shocking to see the very first poll eliminate a seasoned veteran though. One of those "it could be anybody" moments. Not really sure I've completely processed this one to the point that I can adequately say anything - and yet I'm doing it anyway! The one thing that I *do* know is that you are definitely going to be missed.

gaea_rising: Of the 6 I knew her the best. As in I actually *know her*. Which means that it hits in a far more personal way. Of course it also means that I can say "Dude - poetry? Week 1? Really" and she knows that I'm just giving her a hard time. I happened to like the poem. I know a lot of people did. It just rarely gets the respect it deserves when it comes to the vote. I thought she would struggle as a result. I didn't forsee her being eliminated though. Really sorry to see you go. Don't kick me too hard the next time we run into each other, OK?

conandammit: So much of Idol comes down to wanting it and pushing through. When I saw the "vote for someone else" I knew it was going to be an uphill battle. The fact that it was still that close means that other people saw the same thing that I did. There is a great deal of raw talent there waiting to be tapped and explored. I was looking forward to seeing that progess over the course of weeks. Now, I'm really hoping to see some Home Game entries, where there isn't the pressure of producing every week or the risk of exposing any more than you want. I hope that helps. Some days, with some struggles, just showing up is a victory.

taliface: In the middle of a move, she opted to write rather than take a bye. I think that says everything you really need to know about her. She could have easily sat this round out and concentrated real life, but she threw herself right into the middle of the fray instead. I wish the gamble had paid off. It may not have, but I'll just say that I admired the hell out of that decision.

ravenofdreams: Again, another one where I have to look and go "man, tough tribe". They are all. But when I read this one, before tribes were finalized, I didn't think that I would be writing this particular goodbye. Sometimes you DO really have to know what to say, and unfortunately this is another time where I don't. Hopefully you will know that this gesture is anything but empty even if all it can say is that I'm really sorry to be seeing you go.

But wait - there are *6* tribes - why are there only 5 eliminations?
Because shortly after the polls opened thenew20s37 announced that she was dropping out.
A post-poll drop is considered a sacrifice. You are literally giving your tribe a free vote and no one else has to go home. I didn't announce it because there are so many great entries in that tribe that I wanted to make sure people didn't have an excuse *not* to read them!

As for thenew20s37: I'd say that this was the biggest surprise of the week *for me*. Granted, she realized that she didn't have the time. It could happen to everyone. But based on her introduction? I was expecting to see her for a really long time. It was sad to see that dropping out post. I know she said that she would be reading though, so there is some consolation. But I maintain that she could have gone far this season.

Thank you so much to the 6 of you, I hope you do stick around, and perhaps play the Home Game. You never know what is going to happen next.
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