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Eliminations and the new topic

In the most controversial week of LJ Idol thus far in Season 3, we have our first double elimination.

The theme was mistakes, and one happened. Was it ultimately the people who missed or made the choice to miss the deadline? Was it the voters?

That history will decide.

For the moment I can tell you that the two leaving us this week are genesisdesire who showed a lot of spirit but who missed the deadline one too many times and pseudonymjones an early favorite that no one thought we would be saying goodbye to until at least the top 10. (or at least no one that I talked to, or who happens to be living inside my head.) *G*

I waited for the email from welfy to see if she had decided to use her immunity to save either one of them, but when it did not come before the vote became final, it was clear that she had decided to not use it for their benefit.

Farewell to you both! You will be missed in the competition!


The competition though, continues as we move on to the new topic!

We're still waiting on the results of the Topsy Turvey but that's no reason not to give you the jump start you need to avoid needing to use that power!!

This week's topic is no surprise to anyone with a calendar:

The topic is The One I Love.

Maybe you want to write a love not to your SO, or your friend, or your pet, or yourself... I don't know, I just work here! You no doubt know who or what it is that you love!! *G*

Now go and write about it!!!

Your deadline is Friday Feb 16th at 1 pm EST Remember to link your entries back to this post.

This week is another double elimination and of course anyone missing a second week in a row will be removed automatically as a "quit".

Have fun, and good luck.
Tags: results, season 3, topic, topics, week 4
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