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Topics - Week 27


One thing is for sure - the Top of the alphabet is about to get another winner. (After going 3 seasons without one, this makes 2 seasons in a row!!)

You probably want to know what is going on for the FINAL FOUR. . .

We're going to start off simple. My idea of simple at any rate.

There are 3 steps in this first part. If any of you four have any questions - feel free to ask here or email me.

Everything needs to be linked back to this post as usual.

STEP 1: You never get a second chance to make a first impression right?
Now you do.
I'm quite sure that looking over 26 weeks worth of topics you have at least one entry that you go "I wish I had gone a different direction with that!" or even "I *could* have gone in a different direction."
Maybe you are 100% satisfied with them - in which case, find one of the previous topics and create something new.
This is your Second Chance entry.

Step 2: While you are thinking about your entries this season, and looking back over them - think about what your *FAVORITE* entry was that you have produced during this competition.

Find that entry and link it back here!

Step 3: And this is the part that might be easy - or might just be a little challenging because it's not standard at all. . . Link *your favorite entry* from SOMEONE ELSE during the course of the competition. I'm certain you've been reading each other - right?
It doesn't have to be one of the Final Four. It can be, but doesn't have to be.

After all, one of you is going to be the WINNER of Season Five: What do YOU think is "good"?

Again, it can be anyone who was part of Season 5.

Write your own entry ABOUT why you chose that entry.

When are you linking all of this back to this post by?

Tuesday March 31st at 7pm EDT.

And then. . . Step #4 will be posted.*G*

See you then.

Have fun!!!

(Reminder: this is a topic post. I will allow, unless it gets out of hand, the Final 4 to post here. Because ultimately people not seeing their posts, or me not seeing questions from them, among the other comments would really be their own fault.*g*)
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