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Run off Result - Week 26

195 contestants started this adventure.

Now we are saying goodbye to the one who finished 5th.

I'll say more a little later.

But just to make it official:

5th place alycewilson: *moves the football* Turn about is fair play after all Lucy!*G*

This one is kind of weird for me because it's not like I didn't see it coming.

Not talking about the elimination. . . I'm talking about the doing *really* well.

That's one thing that all five of you had in common. That I saw something that I felt was going to translate well and gain readership.

Your entries were always just down right fun. Even the more serious ones.*g* You have a very easy and engaging conversational tone to your writing voice. It doesn't tend to "grab", more like it takes your hand and guides you along the path, side by side. Regardless of how unsure the path, you know that in the end you, as a reader and as someone along for the journey, know that it's going to end up somewhere you want to be.

Which is a marvelous thing to be able to achieve week after week.

The first contestant only vote only confirmed my suspicions - that baring something unforeseen, alycewilson was in this for the long haul!

Moral of the story: Believe in yourself and your abilities. Trust your voice. There isn't a time when you kicked yourself a little after the fact when I didn't think "Yep, she knows exactly how she could have made that piece even better". (Even when it was quite exceptional to begin with - but I think you know what I mean. Right?)

It's not even like I can say "Hope to see you around for the Home Game" - there's not much Home Game left!*g* That, and I have a pretty good feeling that you will be sticking around to see how this plays out!!!
Tags: eliminations, season 5, tie-breaker, week 26

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