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Topics Week 26

Yes, I said topics.

Not a "this OR that". A this AND that. As in "you are writing TWO topics this week".

People who have been following Idol for more than one season are probably going "Well it's about time!"*G*

Here's the deal. The remaining 6 contestants write two topics and link them back here.

It's just like normal. Except with an extra topic thrown in!

And of course, the deadline to link your entries back here is Monday March 23rd at 8pm EDT.

The topics?

Glad you asked.

The End of My Rope

and a fan favorite from last season (heh, "fan favorite"... *chuckles*)

Current Events

This one requires a little explanation because it's more "exact" than most topics. Go to your online publication of choice. I prefer a local paper, just because that's me. . . but any online news source is fine. Find a story that interests you.
Write about it.
*shrug* People do it all the time. I'm sure all of you have at one point or another! Just MAKE SURE to include a link to the story you are referencing in your entry.

Got it? Good.

Have fun!!!!
Tags: season 5, topics, week 26

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