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Immunity - Week 24

I was going to write more about this, but then I had to answer email/sent confirmations and ran out of time!*g*

So I'll get right to the good stuff.

boxsofrain had a rough decision to make. She had to give immunity to a fellow contestant for the week. She kept me updated as to her thoughts and I was able to ask some questions over the last couple of days and I think I got a fairly candid look at her thought process.

So I know how difficult the decision really was.

But she did eventually make one.

The contestant safe from the vote, and immediately joining the Top 8 is

*drum roll*




I'm sure he has already realized it - but I'm sure most people haven't.

A special congratulations to superhappytime for becoming the FIRST CONTESTANT to ever make the Top 10 twice. Not just the first two seasons in a row, but the first to do it *at all*!

(There are a couple other contestants poised to potentially do it as well - but thanks to the immunity he has now gotten there *FIRST*.)

Tags: immunity, season 5, week 24

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