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The Spirit of LJ Idol

Every season the contestants remaining get together and make an important decision. They honor one of their own and decide on who they trust to have a major say in how the rest of the season is going to go.

Each "Spirit" has brought something different to the table, but each of them have, in retrospect, truly embodied what their season was about.

Usually this is the point where I say "it was close". Because in every prior season, it has been.

This time it wasn't.

I'm not go to exaggerate for the sake of effect or inclusion. After all, they know how they cast their ballots!

On the other hand, *every single contestant DID receive votes* (heh, and not for themselves either.*G*) I was glad to see that. It's as it should be. Every one of them is deserving in their own way.

But one person stood out among the crowd. There was one person they wanted to honor. One that they thought stood for what Season Five means to them.

Congratulations to boxsofrain, Season Five's Spirit.

edit to add: People have been wondering what the choices this time around were going to be - and what our new Spirit would choose. Every season is a little different, and every Spirit makes a different choice.

This season's two options were:

Option 1: Immunity to keep. This immunity would be hers to keep - she would be personally immune from the vote between now and Top Four. She would still have to turn in entries by the deadline of course. But otherwise she was safe, having been chosen by her peers as someone who embodied the season for them.

Option 2: Immunity to give away. The same deal, from now until it would get someone into the Final Four. But it can not be given to the same person twice *and* she could never use it for herself. So every week she would be a one person jury selecting her favorite entry of the week, and handling out immunity to one of her peers.

What did she chose? Safety for herself or safety to hand out to others?

The first decision made by boxsofrain was to take OPTION 2.
Tags: season 5, spirit of lj idol

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