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Green Room - Week 21 - Day 1

They say that every week on the internet feels like a year. If that's the case - the Season Five Green Room is now old enough to legally drink!!!!

It seems lately the only place people haven't been talking about Idol has been in Idol!*G* But hey, I still stand by my assessment that this is a good group of people and an extremely talented group of writers.

Both past and present.

Speaking of past- this season past in fact - Apparently there is a little contest for those of you who might be interested.

It's for deza, not sure if anyone remembers her, I seem to recall she had one or two fans out there.*G*

Those of you probably know about her "paranormal romance" novel Strip: "Faced with paying tuition after losing her scholarships, Lissa auditions to work at a high-class strip
club. An attempted abduction by an obsessed fan forces her to re-evaluate working in the club; when her boyfriend disappears, she feels compelled to investigate the club's hidden mysteries. She finds a 4,000 year old terror that may demand her life—or more."

I'm not sure what a paranormal romance is, other than I'm pretty sure that I've probably had one or two of them myself!!!

Anyway - sometime tomorrowit is up now there will be an interview done with paranormal romance author Marna Martin (aka "It's deza!!) over at

You go there and comment, then link the comment back here to this post in the Green Room. Apparently there will be a drawing and the winner will get a free pdf copy of her book.

Heh - all this from me asking "Hey, want me to mention the interview spotlight?"*G*

The way I figure it - supporting Idolers is always a good thing. So, when that interview goes up later today (and I'm sure someone will announce it down the thread) - you know what to do!

(and anyone wanting to pimp their book/website/whatever - please remember - contact *me* about it first. I'm more than willing to help out "Idol Friends and Family", even the extended ones.*G*)

Until then - and after then - and maybe at the same time as then - here we are!!

So what are you guys up to?

(other than going over to support deza and saying Happy Birthday to rejeneration!
Tags: day 01, green room, season 5, week 21
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