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The Gatekeepers

Before I get to the actual results I wanted to take a few moments to thank the Gatekeepers.

The task before you was impossible, selecting your top 25 from a field of 54 talented writers.

Your final verdict isn't going to please everyone, but it is your collective will, and I know it was hardly an easy task. Especially considering how close the vote actually ended up being.

Pulling together your opinions and seeing where they meshed and where they differed was utterly fascinating for me and I hope for the contestants and "audience" once those results are revealed.

Thank you to
Four people who should need no introduction:

Season 1 Winner tinhuviel
Season 2 Winner tru2myart
Season 3 Winner welfy
Season 4 Winner chite

as well as
Multiple season Top 10: miintikwa
Two fan and contestant favorites from Season 4: fidgety and mme_furiosa

and of course

Third place finisher in the polls, but not in our hearts Season 4's porcelain72.

and last but not least, the one person who figured out how to get on a Gatekeeper List of Shame: (as well as filling the spot reserved for someone who was voted out in the contestant only round who IMO should have stuck around longer): intrepia.

The sheer talent involved in this group of 9 is more than a little bit humbling, and I am extremely grateful that you took the time out of your busy weeks to help out Idol.
Tags: gatekeepers, season 5

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