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Contestant Only Vote Results

There are some folks who want me to reveal vote totals. I will not.

I will however say that the half of ranks of the bottom 8 could have been changed with *2* votes. 4 people did not vote.

So there's the difference makers right there.

Let's handle the pleasant task first.

I said the top voters would get something special.

The two contestants who had the most votes in this special contestant only vote will each be given a bye to hand out OR to keep for themselves, whatever they see fit to do with it. We've seen how useful these can be. They are good for use between now and THE TOP 30

The top two were separated by ONE vote, and had a couple of other people within 3 votes on their heels. The top changed several times during the voting, but in the end, the two with the most votes - and who will be receiving those precious byes (in alphabetical order) are:

abbismom and alycewilson.

There we go, the pleasant portion. Congratulations to you both.

Actually, congratulations to all of you who made it to this point.

We started with 193 and added two on our journey. We stand now at 74 and are about to lose *8 people*. That is A LOT of people to have passed and it's an incredible journey to have made. In the end though only one person will be standing at the end, so we have to say goodbye to people along the way.

Nothing left to do but announce them. . . thank you to everyone who voted and thank you to all the writers who have produced such amazing work this (and every round). Picking 25 out of 74 wasn't an easy take and. . . *deep breath* let's just do this, you've waited long enough.

This week those people who are leaving us are(again, in alphabetical order)

Tags: contestant only, results, season 5, week 15

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