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So here we are, at the dreaded "first elimination vote". We have now officially closed the doors on new contestants and the record shattering 72 of you are about to become 71!

Fortunately for all of you who turned in your entries, 9 of your friends and fellow contestants helped you dodge a bullet by not turning in their entries on time.

What does this mean?

Well it means we are going to have two votes.

The first,here, is between those 9 individuals to determine who will be the first elimination of Season 3

There *is* a new rule in place that anyone who misses their deadline two consecutive weeks will be considered a forfeit, so obviously whoever survives this round among that group needs to make extra sure that they get theirs in next week!!

The second - to follow later today - will be a SPECIAL VOTE - the winner of which will receive a special prize that may or may not help them in this game, depending on how they choose to make use of it.

Before we get to the voting, a couple of FAQ that I will answer:

Who can vote? Anyone with a valid LJ account. You DO NOT have to be a member to vote in this poll.

How long does voting go on? I'll get to that in a minute oh impatient one. I'll announce when I open voting.

Who will be eliminated? The person with the *fewest* votes. You vote for the person you want to *stay* in the competition. In this vote, ONE person will be eliminated, in future rounds this will be more than one person, but I like to have a learning curve.

What if there is a tie?Then we will have a tie breaker

What if *that* is a tie? another tie-breaker but this time only community members will be able to vote.

Can you vote for yourself? Oh course!

How many people can I vote for? As many as you want. You can vote for one, five, eight or all of them!

Now that we're finished with *that*... let's get to the vote!

Remember, vote for the people you want to STAY in the competition!

Voting starts *now* and will continue until Monday Jan 29th at 1 pm EST. (US)

Vote for your favorites!

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