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Pick a Player results

I'm not even going to try to hide it. When I saw the results I got a big smile on my face.

I wasn't expecting to see it, it was quite the surprise actually, but I love a good story arc, and this is a really nice one IMO. (as soon as I say who it is, and what the potential power is, anyone who followed last season will instantly understand.)

There were a *lot* of votes. Not as many of there should have been (some of you decided not to vote. BUT of the ones that were there it made for some tight matches. Including a 4 person race for what ended up being 3rd, with the second place finisher coming *1 vote* ahead of the rest of the pack.)

As I previously indicated, there are two prizes. The person with the highest vote count gets to pick first. Whichever special power they do not pick will automatically go to the runner up.

Before I reveal the WHO, let's reveal the WHAT.

DOOR #1: The New Start: Return any two players from the Home Game. These can be people who have been voted out. These can be people who have been playing the Home Game (at least two entries) but missed the deadline to join. You also have the option to *not* let anyone back into the game - the "gone is gone" tact, so as to not risk extending the game.

DOOR #2: Bye Bye: You will receive *two* extra byes - *to hand out* to the contestant(s) of your choosing to be used between now and the Top 75. Yes, they can be given to the same person or two different people if that's how you want to do it. You can *not* give them out but you can't use them yourself.

These powers "kick in" as of the end of the vote. So anyone brought in will have to write next week and anyone using an extra bye can do so starting next week as well.

So who are these two that you have selected to wield these powers?

Glad you asked. The *second pick* (who will get whichever power it is not selected) is

kathrynrose (who came into the game LAST SEASON when this power was used to bring her in from the Home Game!)

The person who will be choosing first?


Let me know via email - - which option you are selecting and before the next round starts I will need to know who will be coming into the game and/or if the byes will be handed out that week or held for the future.

And for some people this game may have just shifted. . .

EDIT TO ADD - I just received the email. boxsofrain has elected to defer until the second half... oh wait, sorry, that's football!*g*

She has decided to bring two people back into the game. Which means kathrynrose has the byes! Use them wisely both of you!!!
Tags: results, season 5, special powers, week 11
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