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Tribal Leaders

Thank you to the four previously selected Tribal Leaders.

Yes, I said "previously selected". Because those four tribes are no more.

In their place we are going to *three* tribes.

But where would you find *3* contestants to bear that burden of selecting their tribes?

Hmmmm. . . if only there were 3 people who stood out in some way, all had something in common that would set them apart . . .




Yep. Of the run offs of this season, there are *3 victors* still with us. They survived a head to head run off and are still in one piece in the competition.

Now the shoe is on the other hand. (Wait. . . what is your shoe doing on your. . . nevermind!)

They have until Monday December 1st at 6pm EST to email their choices to me at - obviously these things take awhile to set up, and it's first come first serve. So if you want to get in your picks early, you had better get selecting.

The NEW TRIBE LEADERS who need to get me their 30 choices are:
Tags: season 5, tribe leaders, week 10
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