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Green Room - Thanksgiving Week - Day 1

Good morning.

Today we will find out the answers to some of your questions: Will any of the *3* immunity holders contact me at before the end of the poll to save someone?

How has having that immunity changed the level of attention they have been receiving?

Will Randy use Bob's fake Idol to save himself?

Will Dandrew be able to overcome the extra task to get into the finals?

Who will join the new economic team?

Will Raoul find love with the clone of the woman he once loved, who bore his alien love child?

Will Bella Swan move to Barrow, Alaska and fall for the handsome Vicente?

All this and more (oh and voting)at

(Oh, and some good news this morning for the people who was asking me a couple days ago. The situation with gutterlust has been stabilized. I have made the decision for him to come back in as of the next topic. He did submit an entry last week. It is located here: . )

Who will live through the week? Who will be eliminated? Who will stop the rain? I'll see you later with some of these answers!
Tags: day 01, green room, season 5
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