August 20th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 31 - Day 2

The new topic is up:

and the season is winding to a close. Or rushing to a close. One of those things.


I've been doing a lot of cleaning - boxes in the garage and stuff around the house in general. A lot of this stuff are things that I haven't touched since the last time I went through and purged.

Which is always an interesting process - these little items you save that bring back memories. They take you back to that moment in time. But it's always a reminder that those memories are someone else's junk, and that most of what I have stored isn't anything that anyone else will ever be interested in. It sort of hits you that someday someone else is going to have to clean that out and decide what to do with it. Hopefully not for a really long time.

That's still something that I'm working on - determining what is worth holding on to, because it means something and stuff that I thought *might* one day be significant that just weren't. I think it's an ongoing process of review.


It's been interesting to see people finally find out who Unknown Hinson is... I wish it were for better reasons. His music is something that has been popping up on my "You might like" on Spotify for years now, and every time it does, I've liked it. But never enough to follow.

I had no idea he was doing the voice on a cartoon.

The people who are just finding out about him think that this is the first time he's said something "controversial." It's not. That's part of the Hinson character. Most of the time people either laughed it off or chalked it up to his opinion on an issue and moved on. Honestly, had he expressed his opinion about BLM and left it at that, I'm pretty sure that's what would have happened. I don't think most of his fans would have blinked and no one else would have ever heard about it.

Instead, he went after Dolly Parton. Which is probably the biggest mistake anyone could ever make.

No one should ever mess with Dolly Parton.