August 10th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 30 - Day 5

Good afternoon!

I've seen a couple questions about the new topic: so I figured that I'd answer them here (as well as where the questions were originally asked, just in case others want clarification):

"we post the entries when we want to, right? Not the same day? And link them in one comment when we have all 5 links?" and "do we put the 3 entries we have to write under a single link/document, or are those to be 3 different postings?"

To recap: Every entry should be it's own link. No combining them to fit 3 things into 1 entry. I know there are people who like that sort of challenge. But that's not what we are doing here, and if you did that, it wouldn't count. At this point in the game, I'd hate to see someone be eliminated for not getting all of the entries in because they thought they found a clever shortcut. It's been found. It's been tried. It doesn't count. So every entry should be it's own link.

You can post the links as you have them. But it will make things MUCH easier if you edit your original post to include the links altogether rather than 5 separate posts. It's a portfolio after all - they should all be in one convenient spot for people to flip through. :)

Any other questions - while I'm answering stuff?

How was your weekend?