July 12th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 26 - Weekend Edition Part 2

It's the last day before the deadline. One more day before we open the box and see who was half-alive and who was half-eliminated this whole time.

At present I have less than half of the Gatekeeper votes, about half of the Contestant votes and only a small portion from the Jury. In other words, what I *think* I know right now about what the results are going to be really doesn't matter, because there is more than enough votes left out there to shift the outcome.

Which is exciting. Or at least "exciting."

It's kind of funny because there is a part of me that is still, week by week, saying that I could end this whole thing soon. Or at least keeping that option open.

After all, I've only committed to having one more mini season over at DW. After that, I've made no further promises. That said - I recently had a conversation about a "long term plan" that I think would boost Idol's visibility and have two different contestants who have pitched ideas that I'm pretty sure I know how to make work, in a way that would booster those "long term" goals. And of course I still love the idea of an "All Stars/Legends" mini season... Of course, I'm also at an age where I'm looking at "long term" and going "am I really going to be running an internet writing competition into my 50s?" So I guess we'll see. :D Right now though, I'm having fun and still have ideas. I've always said that if either of those stopped happening, that would be the time for me to close up shop and walk away. So please stop being so damn annoying. Yes, I'm talking to you. Not the others. They can't see this part of the message. I'm talking directing to you! ;)


Florida just crossed the threshold of having 15,000 active cases of coronavirus yesterday. So - we're #1!!!