July 9th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 26 - Day 9

Happy Almost-Friday!

Apparently, the State of Florida is now considered one of the main epicenters of coronavirus in THE WORLD!

I knew we could do it! I had faith in our leadership from the national government down to local authorities, to make this happen. If anyone could pull off the impossible, I knew it would be Florida!

Now it's just a matter of if we can hold onto this honor. I wouldn't count us out!


YOU shouldn't be counting anyone out quite yet either - current contestants need to be getting their votes in to me: https://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1149750.html I already have a few of those, but I'd like to see votes from all 14 of you!

I've also already started to get Gatekeeper votes and there are early patterns emerging. But again, I know the general tastes of people who haven't sent their votes in and that can easily shift.


Seeing the Gatekeepers perspectives on Idol is always interesting, and fills me with both excitement and nerves. I kind of got into that yesterday. But feel like I need to say it again! You've been in Season 11 since it started in September. I've been living with it since toward the end of the Literary Prize Fight mini season.
The next mini season and a kid's mini season are currently occupying a lot of my brain... but this moment is great because it helps bring the full focus back to the moment at hand. We all get to collectively take that breath, even as we hold it, before things get crazy and we race to the finale.

I hope you can find something good in this momentary pause in the action to reflect on just how far we all have come and figure out how to get to that next step as we move forward.