June 16th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 24 - Day 8

The poll is up: https://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1142504.html

and I have answers to some questions I was asked. I've taken out the specific names and made it generic, because if one person was asking it, I'm sure other people have been as well.

Granted, I've said most of this before. But at this point, I've said most things before. But I'm the only one paying attention, so there's probably a good reason you don't remember. :)

1 - "Can people vote for us via Dreamwidth account or does it have to be a LJ account?"

LJ allows many different ways to take part on their platform. Which means if LJ allows it, the poll also allows votes to be cast from those accounts. However, last time I checked, LJ still wasn't allowing you to use your DW account to post/interact directly. DW, being the imitator, allows it because they want to make it easier for you to still have access to stuff. LJ doesn't want you to leave, so makes it more difficult to use a DW account. Or at least that's my headcanon.

2 - Can people in the same household vote? (the original was a much more specific situation, but that boils it down, people using the same IP)
Yes. There are contestants with the same IP address. There are voters using the same computer. The rule is one vote per physical body. (phrased that way due to "multiples" - not sure if that's still the term, but it was when the rule was established)
The general guideline to use is "If you think it might be questioned, let me know in advance."

3 - Given the combined vote, can I vote for my partner?

Yes. Of course you can vote for your partner. You can vote for yourself. Always. Unless I specifically say otherwise, and I can't think of why I would, you can always vote for yourself.

If you aren't supporting your efforts, why would anyone else?

These aren't questions from that email, just things I feel like answering:

4 - What are your plans post Season 11?

It depends on the day. Some days my plan is to burn this whole place down with everyone trapped inside of it.
Other days I'm planning that DW mini season and looking at plans for the 15th anniversary. Will we finally have an "All Stars"???? It's tempting... then of course I go back to the whole burning everything down idea, and that's also appealing...