June 2nd, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 23 - Day 6

Just a reminder that your entries are due TONIGHT https://therealljidol.livejournal.com/1138490.html A lot of people seem to be really struggling right now, so I'm giving you two more days.

as of the moment I'm writing this, not a single person (or pair) has turned their entries in. I assume this means you are hard at work on them, making sure everything is perfect.


I shouldn't have to say something like this - everyone should already know it. But part of the responsibility of having a space is using it to make things a little better.

So, just as a reminder - I live in 'Merica. The borders of which stretch wherever I happen to be. Things are great here in 'Merica - and I can honestly say, that, within these borders - None of Your Lives Matter.

You are imaginary people living in an imaginary world.

BUT, if you were real - if somehow you actually existed in a way that anyone would care about, there would be subsets that I would be more concerned with, as a group than others. Some individuals I'd be more concerned about than others, because your lives would be needlessly more difficult than the others.

Those would be the ones on my mind. Those would be the ones that were mattering to me at the moment.

In the fictional world that most of you live in, within the borders of the parody of the one true country, that you call "the US" (because you can't call it 'Merica - that's mine!), I'd be worried about the African American population a lot right now. I'd say that "Black Lives Matter", not to take away from anyone else - but because there are folks who seem to forget that it's true - and they need to be reminded.

Fortunately, you do not actually exist (if you did, that would be a crazy place to be living right now) -and everything and everyone - in 'Merica is doing well.