May 21st, 2020

lj idol

Results - Week 22

I took a look at the results about an hour before the deadline and thought that I had a pretty good idea of what was about to happen.

I came back about 10 minutes before - and it was a much different idea. Of course, then I hit "close poll" and it had shifted again.

I think people just like messing with me at the last minute. :)

Unfortunately, the shift did not help one person, and we are saying goodbye to...

Oh, wait, we AREN'T, because guess who received immunity this week?

That's right - congratulations to hangedkay!

Which means that the person with the next fewest votes will be leaving us. However, we have a 8 way tie!

Which means that it is, once again, coming down to a Sudden Death Write Off between


It's an Open topic again, which means you can write anything.

The deadline to link your entries back here at the thread indicated below is Friday, May 22nd at 10pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!