May 9th, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 21 - Weekend Edition

The deadline to get your votes in is tonight:

There's a lot on the line, and a few contestants who haven't submitted their votes yet. So if you've been dragging your feet, now is the time!


We watched the documentary "The Animal People" on Netflix last night. It was really good, and pretty upsetting. I did like that they didn't shy away from the mistakes that those people made when protesting while still pointing out where the need to "make an example of someone" happened. It's an important line to walk - that space where passion and responsibility meet.

There's a lot of great stuff out there to watch. I'm currently obsessed with Killing Eve.

What have YOU been watching?
lj idol

Results - Week 21

I said we would be losing between 3-5 contestants this week, and I meant it.

And then, of course, contestant voting gives me a 7-way tie. And yes, one of them was a sacrifice. BUT the precedent is to give that person the chance to fight if they decide to do so. (or honor it by if they decide not to take part in the write off)

The Jury could have also helped solve this problem - but in true Season 11 fashion, they awarded immunity to someone who wasn't in danger. :)

Congratulations to halfshellvenus!

Given that it's a 7-way tie, we are going to go to a good old fashion Sudden Death write Off.

It's an OPEN TOPIC, so write whatever it is that think is good enough to get you to the next round!

The 7 contestants are:


You have until tomorrow, Sunday, May 10th at 9pm EDT to link your entries back to this post! Have fun!