May 2nd, 2020

lj idol

Green Room - Week 20 - Weekend Edition

Good Morning.

The poll closes tonight:

I will be extending it over Lindsey Graham's dead body. (Note: It won't be extended even if Senator Graham should show up dead. I'm just wondering why anyone would tempt folks out of work with such an opportunity. :D)

How are you doing today/this weekend?
lj idol

Results - Week 20

It's always interesting to see how these things play out. Assumptions are made early on, and then turned on their head.

For instance, there was a time when I thought that both of the folks leaving us were going to fight their way into the Top 10. It just felt like it might be "their time". But life takes it's toll and we had a sacrifice this week, with m_malcontent falling on his sword.

The Jury cast their votes this week, as well, giving the coveted immunity to pixiebelle. Congratulations!

It didn't impact the votes, but it was pretty close this week, so there was certainly a point during voting when it might have. Unfortunately, that means that we will be losing favoritebean.

Thank you to both of you for coming out this season and giving us so many awesome entries to read. I'm glad that you will be a part of the Jury going forward to help shape how this season is going to play out!
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Topic - Week 21

I have a master list of topics for each season, and a list of topics waiting to find a home. Once in awhile one of those topics from that second list will jump out at me and it will be scheduled to jump over to the master list, to appear in a season.

That's what happened with this week's topic. It was on the second list for a couple years, never finding the right time or place. At the start of this year, I moved it over. Which is hilarious, because the timing for this worked out in a way that I would have never have predicted.

The topic for this week is:

The Way Back

The deadline to link your entries back to this post is Wednesday, May 6th at 7pm EDT.

Have fun!
lj idol

Work Room - Week 21

The results from last week are in:

and the new topic is up:

I mentioned a little bit about the history of this particular topic. But what amuses me is that right now, there is something staring us all right in the face when it comes to this subject. It will be fun to see who twists it to something else and who decides to run right into it head on.